Hi there KC.

Ok, cool. You don't believe in climate change. You are completly entitled to your opinion, but I will follow the scientific consensus. There are many forms and fronts in science, and it is alright that you may have some other sources that disagree, that happens in science. But once several scientits from different scientific areas come together and point on the one direction, it looks like a better option to follow in my view. So I won't get technical in this conversation, because I've seen that your thing in Medium is to around and try fight people talking about climate change and so on. But I'll just say I'll stick with thhe IPCC, the UN, the international research centers, the universities, the scholars, and the real scientists, who have dedicated their life to try to point us on the right direction thourgh verified and peer-reviwed work.

Thales Dantas

Ph.D. candidate in environmental engineering (UFSC). Member of the WEF Global Shapers Community Sustainaiblity and Circular Economy specialist.

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