Amsterdam — The Frontrunner in Circular Economy

“The City of Amsterdam is engaging with the circular economy because it is the only way to have an economy in our future. The circular future of Amsterdam is a city without waste. It’s a city with a very small footprint. And it’s a city where we understand that we need fewer resources and more welfare for everyone.”

– Marieke van Doorninck Deputy Mayor Sustainability of Amsterdam

The Circular Journey of Amsterdam is based on four main fronts:

  1. Setting ambitious goals and targets, which has helped to generate commitment from both private and public stakeholders.
  2. Identify starting points with the greatest transformative potential.
  3. Encouraging experimentation and implementation, which has resulted in the completion of over 70 circular projects by the end of 2018.
  4. Measure progress and impact to break down the barriers towards creating a fully circular city.



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Thales Dantas

Thales Dantas

Ph.D. candidate in environmental engineering (UFSC). Member of the WEF Global Shapers Community Sustainaiblity and Circular Economy specialist.